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Murgon’s Fossil Museum & Fine Art Gallery

In the late 1980’s, fossils found near Boat Mountain just outside Murgon in Southern Queensland rocked the palaeontology world. 15 new fossil species discovered here were found to be 55 million years old, predating any other Eocene period fossils found in Australia by 20 million years.

Although tiny in comparison to the bones of dinosaurs and megafauna in western Queensland the Murgon fossils were found to be much older than the Eocene fossils previously found in Riversleigh, fossils that until this date were known to be the oldest fossils recorded in Australia.

Previously unknown creatures? In Murgon? Who knew?

One group that did know, and subsequently made it their mission for the world to know, was the Murgon Creative Country Association, a volunteer based, not for profit organisation that have literally moved mountains to raise the necessary funds to bring the Fossil Experience to life.

Not content with celebrating their Eocene origins, the organisation determined a Fine Art Gallery could act as a launch pad for artists in their community at the same time offering art workshops and activities supporting cultural connection, health, and wellbeing.

Please visit, support their efforts and share their story by buying a ticket to this exciting new tourist attraction and visitor experience launched October 2023.