Unearth Murgon’s Secrets

Fossil Museum & Fine Art Gallery

Opening 2nd October 2023

*Image depicting life in Murgon 55 million years ago by Peter Schouten, fine art illustrator.

Murgon Fossil Museum

Fossil Experience

Step inside and be immersed in an interactive paleontological journey discovering the creatures that roamed the Murgon region between 24 – 70 million years ago. A time when the forests rang with the sound of the first songbirds and the earliest mammals and marsupials shared their home with ancient turtles, crocodiles and creatures that look nothing like they do today.

Fine Art Gallery

The discoveries continue in the Fine Art Gallery.

Exhibitions held throughout the year attract accomplished and emerging Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists utilising a range of different mediums.

The gallery also fosters creativity, artistic excellence, and community engagement through competitions, workshops, and presentations.


Mm5ya Painting Workshops
55mya Gemstones Workshop
55mya Wood Carving


The Waterlily Workshop is a dedicated, multipurpose, open plan space that can be used for a range of different purposes for residents and visitors.

Scheduled Workshops are published in the What’s On Section.

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